The Sankus Pattern Commission Jamboree!
(or The I Need To Pay My Rent Party!)

Hey guys! 
Starting today and lasting indefinitely, I’d like to open commissions for PATTERNS! I’m planning on opening an Etsy shop to sell greeting cards/postcards/stationary/fabric to sell patterns of my own, but printing things in bulk is expensive and I need to pay rent to stay in my house also you know?

Each pattern will be $45 to $50 (depending on the design). 
To order one, you can message me on here, or email me at karasankus@gmail.com to describe what you would like. When it’s done, I will email you the file and it’s yours to do whatever you want with it. 

Use it for your BLOG. Print it out on some fabric and make a PILLOWCASE. Print it on a tissue and SNEEZE on it. I don’t know! But patterns are fun in that sense because you can do stuff like that.

Please share! :0 

speedbike’s makes cute ass shit <3

FRIEND ART! go get 'em tiger

Working on more WoO.

I actually really like my Glinda design, but the Wicked Witch gave me more trouble. She’s supposed to have a ‘hero-in-her-own-story vibe, which I will explain later. But I started working a drawing in Photoshop and I realized it lacked the femininity that I wanted.

The drawing on the right is the more recent design. Unfortunately I’m tired, so I’ll have to try in photoshop later.

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