Working on more WoO.

I actually really like my Glinda design, but the Wicked Witch gave me more trouble. She’s supposed to have a ‘hero-in-her-own-story vibe, which I will explain later. But I started working a drawing in Photoshop and I realized it lacked the femininity that I wanted.

The drawing on the right is the more recent design. Unfortunately I’m tired, so I’ll have to try in photoshop later.

Man, remember the days when I was a youngin’ and still in school? It seems so far away now…

Anyway, heres my thesis film which I finally uploaded. You can see it in all of its nonsensical glory. I really don’t have much to say. “I’m sorry?” “What was I thinking?” “Damn, After Effects why did you have to destroy the quality?” So yeah, heres Tajar.